About us?

We are a company created in Spain that offers all kinds of products related to footwear in urban fashion. Purple Shop has been created with the aim of giving our customers the best shoes of the moment with an exceptional quality and a price never seen before. Purple Shop is owed by and for its customers.


 Why trust us?

As we have mentioned before, the first thing we take into account are our clients and that is why we always offer facilities so that they can solve all their concerns in the best possible way through a personalized service via WhatsApp 24h.

There are more than 10,000 people who have placed their trust in us and have been satisfied with their purchase, Purple Shop that began as a group of friends who are passionate about fashion, today we can say that we are a great family.


 That makes us different?

What we can highlight the most about us are the facilities we give to people who decide to buy in our store, starting with unique offers in these types of stores and followed by individualized attention by our group of customer service experts who They are at your disposal 24 hours either through an email, a WhatsApp message or a direct from Instagram.


WENLING SHININANJIWEI SHOE FACTORY We are a company dedicated to online sales located in Wenzhou, China, established in the Spanish and European markets, and specialized in facilitating the shipment of latest fashion items and others, all in a safe way.

For Purple Shop the main priority is to keep customers satisfied at all times and we work for it, keeping the products at the best possible price and with 100% personalized customer service.

Your payments are fully protected and guaranteed, since each client makes them in Europe through our management company established in their country.

Quality products at a low cost

Personalized customer service

Return guarantee


Our European manager is in charge of advertising our products from our Web catalog, as well as customer collections, is MOON 2.0 SL (CIF: B01907831), the best corporate team whose headquarters are in Spain, made up of an excellent professional team that will always ensure that no customer is unsatisfied. Our main job is to offer a secure platform where seller and buyer agree when processing an order.

To certify that the buyer is always satisfied, MOON 2.0 SL deposits the money until certifying that the customer has received his purchase without any problem. Once the receipt of the product is confirmed and if there is no type of incident, the money is sent immediately to the seller. Otherwise, the money of our clients is always safe and is reimbursed in case of incidence in their order.